Songs for Organizations

“Make the Magic Last” (for Robyn Graham Photography website)

(Words and Music by Lori Rosolowsky, recorded by Jazz With Friends with Mike Seifried on saxophone.)

Lori wrote this song for the website of Robyn Graham Photography on her featured gallery. Robyn has a gift for capturing the ordinary and making it extraordinary.

      1. Make-the-Magic-Last.mp3


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“Do the Right Thing” (40 Assets Song)

(Words and Music by Lori Rosolowsky) January 17, 2011

Lori wrote this song in collaboration with elementary students to promote the message of the 40 Developmental Assets, on behalf of CB Cares, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote healthy behaviors in children.  The 40 Assets Song Project was a collaboration of CB Cares, students from K-12, teachers, administrators, faith-based organizations, individuals and businesses.  CB Cares awarded Lori their first annual “Assets Builder” Award to recognize this work.

The song honors Martin Luther King, Jr. as it celebrates healthy ways to grow up and “Do the Right Thing.”

To see LIVE student performance of “Do the Right Thing,” please email

The song is sung by elementary students for their peers. Optional harmony parts. Arranged for piano (optional guitar, bass, drums).

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“If You Wanna Be A Voter” (The Ballad of Sarasota)

(words and music by Lori Rosolowsky) February 27, 2007

      2. 01_Sarasota_hifi.mp3


This is Lori’s gift to our country and to you.  Please download free and share with others.  Lori supports fair, honest elections and supports efforts for verifiable paper ballots as opposed to electronic voting machines.

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