Journey Together in Song!


“Broadway in a Suitcase”

A Journey Together with Barb Weikamp and Lori Rosolowsky 


Lori Rosolowsky as Reverend Mother, Barb Weikamp as Betsy Ross

“Reverend Mother” (actor Lori Rosolowsky) and “Betsy Ross” (actor Barbara Weikamp) meet in “A Journey Together in Song”

SHED point

If Betsy Ross met the Reverend Mother, what songs would they sing?

Journey together with Barb Weikamp and Lori Rosolowsky to celebrate our collective journeys of transformation and human connection

Barb and Lori play 23 characters in this one hour musical “Declaration of Interdependence”!


View this 20-second testimonial

“Spectacular show!” Dorothy Smith, President, Seniors Club, NWPC

“Outstanding!”Alice Swann, Activities at Pennswood Village

“Best show we’ve had here! Sally, resident at Neshaminy Manor

“You made us laugh! The world needs more of that.”  Ed, United Church of Christ

More info about this show:

“A Journey Together in Song: Broadway in a Suitcase” is an original theatrical piece that takes the audience on a visually entertaining and musically delightful trip through time and place.   In this one hour show, the performers portray 23 historical and fictional characters, who discover that, no matter the circumstances, we are all in this together.

Stage veterans Barbara Weikamp ( and Lori Rosolowsky ( created and perform the show which continually evolves with new characters and stories.  They provide their own costumes, live accompaniment, stage crew, and set design.

Audiences of all ages have called it “amazing,” “uplifting,” “cohesive,” and “clever.”

The performers provide all equipment (including keyboard and sound system) or will use venue’s equipment if preferred.

For booking or ticket information, please email Lori Rosolowsky or call her at 267 221 0627.