Workshops for Musicians led by
Lori Rosolowsky,PhD and Susan Berg,PhD
“Sound Insights: Whole Brain Thinking for Music Teachers”

Susan Berg (bottom right) leads music teachers in a "walk around the brain"

Susan Berg (bottom right) leads music teachers in a “walk around the brain”

A great music lesson starts with you.  In this upbeat, interactive session, discover your teaching preferences and how they affect your student interaction.  We’ll discuss teaching situations and ways to work through struggles and stumbling blocks.  Walk away with new “tools” to help your students get it at a physical, intellectual, and emotional level.


Workshop Leaders

Susan Berg, PhD

Transition expert Susan Berg, PhD is an award-winning international consultant and author. Her career-long focus on creativity, whole brain learning, and managing change has won praise from Fortune 500 giants and renowned humanitarian non-profits alike. Today she coaches people through the minefield of 21st Century stressors and into new possibilities for the way they learn and work.,


Lori Rosolowsky (in purple sweater) guides music teachers through teaching a musical passage

Lori Rosolowsky, PhD

Lori Rosolowsky, PhD is an Oberlin-trained classical pianist, piano teacher, lecturer, actor, singer/songwriter, and former scientist. Critically praised for “captivating” her audiences, she performs solo and with the Bucks County Symphony Orchestra, the Doylestown Heat Jazz Band and at the Phillips Mill Musical Comedy Shows. She is recognized for applying the versatile, whole brain approach she uses to perform and create music into effective learning strategies for students.